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Adelaide outdoor blinds

Adelaide outdoor blinds: Best outdoor blinds for summer

Adelaide outdoor blinds.

We’re no strangers to hot weather in Australia. With temperatures reaching as high as 42 degrees in 2021, this summer is predicted to be just as unrelenting. So how can you beat the heat and keep your home cooler this year?

Simple – with outdoor blinds. Installing exterior blinds in your home is an effective way to provide shade and stop the sun’s rays from penetrating your living space. Not only that, they can also save you money in the long run by reducing your heating and cooling costs.

Outdoor blinds come in a variety of styles, colours and options. But with so many to choose from, how do you know which blinds are right for your needs? That’s why we’ve put together a helpful guide to the best Adelaide outdoor blinds for summer. 

Adelaide outdoor blinds

Why should I install outdoor blinds in my home?

1. To reduce heat in your home

External awnings shield your home against extreme weather, blocking its entry into your living areas. And when fully closed, outdoor blinds are perfect for maintaining a constant internal room temperature throughout your house – meaning you can give that overworked air-conditioner a well-earned break. You can even motorise your outdoor blinds for extra convenience and comfort. 

Even the type of material you choose for your Adelaide outdoor blinds can make a difference. At Bob Burns Blinds, we offer a polyester-coated PVC – a specially woven fabric that reflects the UV rays but will not restrict your view. 

2. To maximise your outdoor space

Outdoor blinds give you the option of creating an enclosed, additional space in your very own backyard. Now you can have a second dining space, kitchen area, lounge or playroom for your little ones. 

And the best part? You can experience all the benefits of outdoor living without the bugs and pests that come with it. Exterior blinds allow you to enjoy your family barbecue while keeping out all those unwelcoming guests. 

3. To increase the value of your home 

With more people spending more time at home, outdoor entertainment areas are on everybody’s wish list. Why? Because it turns a standard house into a meeting place for friends and family, creating memories for years to come.

Exterior blinds create a welcoming, functional outdoor space. And according to a recent survey, 63% of Australians would pay extra for a home with more outdoor space. Because who doesn’t want to spend their evenings in their own outdoor paradise?

Adelaide outdoor blinds

Best Adelaide outdoor blinds for summer

Zipscreen blinds

Want to enclose your backyard veranda and have your very own alfresco sanctuary? Zipscreens are the perfect solution to extend your outdoor space and create an additional room to entertain in.  

Cleverly constructed with hidden interlocking parts, Zipscreens have self-aligning side channels for a stylish and sophisticated finish. Each blind is custom-made to give you the perfect fit from edge to edge, with no gaps. 

Zipscreens also come in a range of custom colours, various controls and enclosed box covers to complement your home.

Auto guide awnings

Auto guide awnings are outdoor blinds best suited for windows. They work on a rail system, so you can easily slide the awning up or down to provide shade or let in more light. Using either your hands or a pull stick, you can leave the awning at whatever height you like, as the auto-locking arms will secure the awning in place.

This flexibility lets you control how much light and heat comes through the window, giving you the ultimate in comfort for your home.

And for those looking to increase their home’s curb appeal, our auto guide awnings come in a range of durable fabrics, including mesh, canvas and acrylic – all available in a selection of colours and styles to complement your home. 

Folding arm awning

A folding arm awning is a retractable outdoor awning that can extend outwards – like your very own folding roof. It does this with the help of spring-loaded arms that not only make the blind move but also keep the fabric tight. And when fully closed, the awning tucks away neatly into a semi-cassette or open hood so that any mechanisms aren’t visible.

Our folding arm awnings have a tilt mechanism that provides shade and a wind sensor that self-retracts on those really windy days – so you don’t have to struggle with your blind during a storm. And in summer, intuitive sun sensors will keep your outdoor space cool all day. 

Make your life easier by motorising your folding arm awning on a 240-volt system, or keep it simple with a manually operated option.

Which Adelaide outdoor blinds are right for my home?

Before choosing an exterior blind for your home, it’s important to ask yourself some questions – that way, you can ensure that you’ll enjoy your blinds for years to come.

What is the reason for getting outdoor blinds? 

Is it to keep your house cool and reduce your carbon footprint? Or is it to increase your curb appeal? Whatever the reason, different outdoor blinds have different functions and purposes. By understanding why you want your outdoor blinds, you can select the best style to meet your future needs.

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Do I want motorised or manual blinds?

Motorised blinds eliminate a physical operating cord, creating a child and pet-safe environment. They’re convenient and add an extra level of comfort to our living spaces. 

On the other hand, manual blinds have a simple design that is generally easier to maintain. They’re also usually more cost-effective. So choosing between manual and motorised blinds will depend on your usage, space and budget.

Adelaide outdoor blinds  

Looking for the perfect outdoor blinds for your Adelaide home? We can help!

At Bob Burns Blinds, we have an extensive range of custom-made Adelaide outdoor blinds to suit all sizes and requirements, whatever your budget. Our great range of exterior blinds, as well as security doors and shutters, ensure that we can offer something for everyone. Get your free measure and quote here