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Adelaide curtain and blinds trends with MDR Designs Margaret De Ruvo Reaich

Adelaide curtain and blinds trends with MDR Design’s Margaret De Ruvo-Reaiche

With over 30 years of experience, Margaret De Ruvo-Reaiche is one of Adelaide’s interior designer elite. From elegant marble backsplashes to timeless timber flooring, Margaret understands what it takes to turn a cold, unwelcoming house into a stunning forever home. 

“It’s my job to make function appear beautiful and luxurious,” says Margaret. “True design is thinking about form and function together and how you can make it look stunning for years to come. We want to create homes that people will never get tired or bored living in.”

Margaret’s interior design business, MDR Design, has worked with homeowners from all over Adelaide, interstate and overseas, creating unique and exquisite living spaces with innovative and creative interior design elements.

So when it comes to curtains and blinds, Margaret has a lot to say. In fact, she’s renowned across Adelaide for her workshops and presentations that highlight the importance of curtains and blinds design. “Nothing beats the soft and luxurious feel of curtain material,” Margaret smiles. “Curtains create flow within a space. And blinds are modern, sleek and practical.”

So what are Margaret’s best design tricks when it comes to Adelaide’s latest curtain and blinds trends? We spoke to Margaret to uncover her best-kept secrets and interior design tips.

Adelaide curtain and blinds trends with MDR Designs Margaret De Ruvo Reaich

Which interior design trends are in right now?

Cosy nooks and break-away areas

Open plan homes used to rule the housing market and were at the top of every homeowner’s wish list. Now, people are opting for closed-plan houses with space for comfy reading corners and breakfast spots. 

“Nothing is so open plan anymore,” claims Margaret. “People want more breakaway areas to have their own space. People like cosy nooks in their rooms to get away from it all.”

Create a little sanctuary in your home by choosing a good spot that receives plenty of natural sunlight and furnishing it with a homely chair in a fun accent colour. Add an extra layer of comfort with cushions, throws, and an oversized textured rug – this gives the ability to create layering texture and warmth. And don’t forget to create a connection to nature with plenty of indoor plants and scented candles. 

Indoor/outdoor living

The pandemic has caused more people to stay at home than ever before, and the design of Adelaide homes are changing as a result.  

Margaret has noticed the shift when designing her clients’ living spaces. “People are spending more time at home, so they want their space to feel more luxurious. They want their home to feel like a luxury holiday or five-star resort. That’s why the indoor/outdoor way of living is getting more popular.”

Indoor/outdoor living bridges a home’s indoor space to the outdoors. With clever architectural design and cohesive, tasteful interior touches, outdoor living areas can blend seamlessly with lounge areas, kitchens and dining rooms. 

“More and more people are putting indoor elements in their outdoor spaces, like heating, cooling, TVs and more. It’s all about bringing the outdoors in and vice-versa. Not only does it create more space for the family, but it feels like you’re living in a luxury hotel.” 

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How do you choose the right window treatments?

Our clients are always at the forefront of our minds.” Margaret states. “After all, it’s about what they need from their homes. Are they concerned about privacy? Do they want more insulation? Do we need to protect their flooring and furniture from fading? And lastly, what’s going to suit the space best?”

According to Margaret, function and practicality will always take priority over aesthetics. But with Margaret’s skilful eye and talent for design, it’s always possible to transform the practical into something beautiful. And when it comes to window treatments, she definitely has her favourites.  

“Block out lining curtains with a soft S wave sheer on a separate track is my go-to,” Margaret explains. “It’s what I do in 95% of my projects. The block-out lining protects your furniture and flooring and provides your home with extra insulation. While the sheer gives you a little more softness and luxury in your space. It also gives you that much-needed daytime privacy.” 

Adelaide curtain and blinds trends with MDR Designs Margaret De Ruvo Reaiche

How important is colour in interior design?

In a nutshell – very. In Margaret’s words, “painting a whole room in a bold, warm colour can feel like a warm, cosy hug.”

“People can be afraid of colour. But we’re slowly getting our clients more comfortable with the idea. Recently, I’ve been designing bathrooms with dark walls. It gives interest and drama to a small space. Olive green is very popular, for example. Adelaide homeowners seem ready to splash out and experiment with colour again.” 

What colours are on trend right now?

According to Margaret, cold and sterile greys and whites are out, and bold, statement colours are in.

“Adelaide homes have had a very grey look for a while,” Margaret explains. “But now I feel like Adelaide is introducing more colour into their living spaces. So we’re bringing more warmth into homes with earthy greens and daring burgundy. Colours like these bring a touch of nature without overpowering the room.”

Colour isn’t the only thing finding its way inside Adelaide homes. Striking accent walls are also back on trend, adding depth to the room. “We all used to paint our walls an off-white colour. Now we’re introducing colourful accent walls that bring drama into the space. And if it’s too strong for your taste, I always recommend adding a sheer textured curtain to add some softness.”

Adelaide curtains and blinds trends with MDR Designs Margaret De Ruvo Reaiche

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