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Adelaide eco-friendly blinds

Adelaide eco-friendly blinds: How to reduce your home’s carbon footprint on a budget

Adelaide eco-friendly blinds.

We get it – climate change is overwhelming. And for Australian homes, it can be expensive. The changing temperature outside means that energy bills are going up – which doesn’t leave much left in the piggy bank for you or your family.

Thankfully, global change starts at home – and you can make plenty of changes inside your house to lessen your impact on the environment. The best part? It doesn’t have to break the bank!

So how can you reduce your home’s carbon footprint on a budget? Read on to find out.

Adelaide eco-friendly blinds

What is a carbon footprint?

When it comes to the environment and climate change, we’ve all heard the phrase, ‘carbon footprint’ before. But what does it actually mean?

The term carbon footprint is a measure of the total amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere as a result of someone’s actions – whether that be a person, organisation or country. Carbon footprints are usually measured in tonnes of CO2-e (carbon dioxide equivalent).

Why should I reduce my carbon footprint?

To help the environment

Reducing your carbon footprint not only helps the planet, but also decreases your contribution to climate change. Lower emissions will slow down the rates of rising temperature, sea levels, and melting sea ice.

To keep you healthy

A smaller carbon footprint means cleaner air. That’s because high levels of carbon emissions destroy the quality of the air we breathe. Pollen, mould spores and dust impact people who suffer from asthma, respiratory allergies and airway diseases.

To save money

According to the Australian Energy Regulator (AER), energy prices have risen dramatically over the past few years. In fact, the average household energy debt for gas and electricity has increased 12% from $897 in 2019–20 to $1,000 in 2020–21. The culprit? You guessed it – climate change.

Adelaide eco-friendly blinds

How to reduce your home’s carbon footprint on a budget with Adelaide eco-friendly blinds

Install plantation shutters

Installing eco-friendly plantation shutters is a stylish way to reduce your home’s carbon footprint. Now your house can look amazing while saving the planet!

Our Loov Plantation Shutters are made from sustainable, non-toxic and 100% fully recyclable materials such as basswood and polymer – making them both safe for your home and environmentally friendly.

Plantation shutters are also great for boosting your home’s thermal insulation, saving you from high energy costs. According to Environment Victoria, up to 40% of heat escapes from your home’s windows. Installing shutters over your windows could result in you using 45% less energy for heating and cooling – not bad for a humble plantation shutter. So keep the heater off this winter and lower those carbon emissions.

Start composting

Don’t throw those kitchen leftovers in the bin. Help the environment and start a compost instead.

Greenhouse emissions are produced when organic waste, such as food scraps, is sent to landfills. The Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water claims that 13 million tonnes of CO2-e are created as a result of organic waste going to landfills. That’s approximately 3% of Australia’s total emissions. Disposing your food scraps into a compost is a simple and cost-effective way to reduce your home’s carbon footprint.

Opt for blackout curtains

The perfect curtain doesn’t just tie a room together. It can also reduce heat loss from your windows by as much as 25%.

Blackout curtains are designed with a tightly woven fabric backing, which is layered behind the curtain. This lining blocks out the light, but it can also improve the thermal properties of your home.

Switch to LED lights

Sure, the price of LED lights is higher than traditional Halogen bulbs, but they are 85% more energy-efficient, and they last 10 times longer than other light bulbs. That’s because they use less electricity and produce less heat.

So while you may need to pay more up-front, LED lights will save you more money – and reduce your carbon footprint – in the long run.

Outdoor blinds

Cranking up the heater or air-con during winter or summer is a sure-fire way to increase your electricity bills and your home’s carbon footprint. Stop cold or hot air from coming into your house from the get-go with outdoor blinds.

External awnings, such as Zipscreen, shield your home against extreme weather, blocking its entry into your home. And when fully closed, outdoor blinds are perfect for maintaining a constant internal room temperature throughout your house – meaning you can give that overworked heater a well-earned break. You can even motorise your outdoor blinds for extra convenience and comfort.

And for the ultimate protection against the sun’s harmful rays, you can’t go past auto guide awnings. Installed directly on the outside of your home’s windows, these awnings are made from traditional canvas or mesh fabric with a polyester-coated PVC. This sunscreen is a specially woven fabric that reflects the UV rays but will not restrict your view. And best of all, auto guide awnings will stop the outside elements from entering your home, reducing your carbon footprint and lowering energy costs.

Adelaide eco-friendly blinds

Ready to reduce your carbon footprint with Adelaide eco-friendly blinds? We can help!

Bob Burns Blinds has an extensive range of window coverings custom-made to suit all sizes and requirements both inside and out. Our great range of interior and exterior blinds, as well as security doors and shutters, ensure Bob Burns Blinds can offer something for everyone. Get your free measure and quote here.