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Adelaide plantation shutters

Adelaide plantation shutters: Hampton bedroom ideas for kids

Adelaide plantation shutters

Hampton style homes – they’re timeless, elegant and perfect for our beachy, coastal Australian lifestyles. Walking through a Hampton home is like strolling down a gorgeous beach with dazzling white sand, sparkling blue ocean and fresh sea breeze. It evokes a calm atmosphere and natural, peaceful vibes. 

That is until you reach the children’s bedrooms.

It can be tricky to translate the serene feeling of the Hamptons into what can be the most chaotic space of your home. Carefully thought-out design pieces such as throws or artwork can become lost amongst the toys and school bags. And you can forget about that sea colour scheme.

So, how can you create a Hampton bedroom for your mini me? Read on to discover our top Hampton bedroom ideas for kids.

What is Hampton style?

Hampton style is an interior design trend inspired by the homes in the USA’s Long Island – also known as the Hamptons. It’s considered by many designers to be the ultimate in sophisticated, casual coastal living. 

Defined by cool, classic colours, minimalist design, and rustic, coastal touches, a typical Hampton home embraces space, light, and shaker-style kitchens – a kitchen that has cabinets and doors with recessed panels. You’ll also find rich timber flooring and high ceilings.

The Hampton house invites the organic feel of a secluded beach indoors – making it perfect for Australian homes and lifestyles. Our love for tasteful outdoor living, hot and sunny climate and relaxed culture make a Hampton style home the natural choice for many Australian families.   

Adelaide plantation shutters

What to consider when decorating your child’s bedroom 

Keep it simple

The old saying, ‘less is more’ has never been more true when it comes to your child’s bedroom. Keep decor simple and furnishings to a minimum to create more space to play. This puts playtime first and gives your child plenty of floor space to have fun with their toys or friends. 

A simple bedroom also provides a blank canvas that can easily be changed or updated as your child grows and their taste changes. 

Provide plenty of storage space

Kids come with a lot of stuff – toys, books, games and clothes. And they need the right amount of space to put it all in. 

Opt for hooks, under-the-bed drawers and furniture with built-in storage to give your child enough space to store their things and accommodate their belongings as they grow. Even something as simple as installing a second rail in your little one’s wardrobe can double their closet space. 

Choose durable, long-lasting materials 

Your child can go a million miles per hour. They need a bedroom that is just as hardy and enduring as they are.

Hardwood floors are hard-wearing and easy to clean. Alternatively, carpets made from nylon or polyester are inexpensive, versatile and incredibly strong. And choose furniture made from solid timber, regular plywood or Baltic birch plywood.

Poly-blended fabrics are ideal for curtains as they won’t fade or shrink like natural fibres. They’re also less likely to stain and tear, keeping them safe from small, wandering hands.  

Hampton bedroom ideas for kids

Adelaide plantation shutters

No Hampton home is complete without plantation shutters – and that goes for your munchkin’s bedroom as well. 

White plantation shutters are minimalist in design, but elegant in appearance. They are reminiscent of old sailing ships and bring a touch of coastal serenity into your child’s bedroom. And best of all, plantation shutters are coated with resilient water-based paint. So all they need is a quick wipe down with a damp cloth to get them sparkling clean.    

Our Loov Plantation Shutters are made from sustainable, non-toxic and 100% fully recyclable basswood – making them both safe for your home and environmentally friendly. They’re also natural insulators and can help you reduce heating and cooling costs. Find out more about how our Adelaide plantation shutters can reduce your carbon footprint here.   

Adelaide plantation shutters

Add a splash of colour

A quintessential colour palette of any Hampton home is white – warm whites, cool whites and even the odd shade of grey. But white and children simply don’t mix. So add warm touches of colour to make your cherub’s room more inviting and playful.

Soft blues, greens and nature-inspired shades of stone and sand will complement a Hampton-style home. But for your child’s bedroom, don’t be afraid to experiment with bolder colours like hot pinks, flaming yellows or even deep purples. This will give the room a more youthful vibe within the grown-up decorating style.  

Be careful not to overpower the room with splashes of colour. A simple throw, cushion or floor rug will be enough to create an atmosphere of fun while keeping in line with your Hampton aesthetic.     

Sheer curtains 

A prominent feature of any Hampton style home is light – and lots of it. The more natural, the better. Sheer curtains allow natural sunlight to softly filter through your child’s bedroom and maintain daytime privacy, giving your bambino the best of both worlds. 

Choose a neutral colour, like white, light grey or beige, and opt for a textured fabric to give the room depth. Avoid natural materials such as linen or cotton as these tend to shrink, stain and crease.  

Want to turn your child’s bedroom into a Hampton getaway? We can help!

At Bob Burns Blinds, we offer versatile Adelaide plantation shutters that add a touch of elegance to your child’s bedroom, but are sturdy enough for anything your little one can throw at it. Our quality craftsmanship ensures that our Adelaide plantation shutters enhance the atmosphere in any home. 

We also offer sheer curtains in many colours, patterns, textures and finishes, which can be custom-made to fit your child’s windows perfectly. And because every curtain we manufacture is designed to suit your home, you can easily showcase your personal style. Contact us here for a free measure and quote.