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Outdoor blinds Adelaide

The ultimate outdoor entertaining guide for Christmas: Outdoor blinds Adelaide

Outdoor blinds Adelaide.

It’s Christmas! And while the rest of the world is huddling around the fireplace and drinking hot cocoa, Australians are heading to the beach and soaking up the warm sun. So why not take advantage of the gorgeous weather and host your Christmas gathering in the great outdoors?

Hosting Christmas certainly has its benefits – not only can you decorate your home exactly how you want, but you have the ultimate control over how your special day plays out. And with a little guidance and forethought, your outdoor Christmas can become an unforgettable event. We’ve put together this outdoor entertaining guide to help you plan the ultimate Christmas party. 

Outdoor blinds Adelaide

Why should I host Christmas outside?

There’s more space

Don’t squeeze your guests around tiny dining tables or keep them cramped in small kitchens and lounge rooms. Give your friends and family more room to move and enjoy themselves by moving Christmas lunch outside.

Many Australian homes are blessed with spacious backyards and lavish outdoor entertaining spaces. Let the kids burn off that post-Christmas lunch energy and let them run freely on the lawn. Or extend the outdoor table and invite more loved ones over for the festive celebrations. 

There’s no messy cleanup

Forget spending hours cleaning the house from top to bottom before everyone arrives for the day’s festivities. Hosting your holiday party outside saves you from the burden of getting the house ‘Christmas ready’.

Give your veranda a quick sweep and wipe down the outdoor furniture. Then you can spend the day relaxing and not worrying about anyone spilling Christmas cocktails on your new carpet. 

Everyone can enjoy the stunning weather

A beautiful sunny day is a terrible thing to waste. Make the most of the Australian summer and allow your guests to get into the Christmas spirit in the inviting sunshine. 

If you’re lucky enough to have a pool, your visitors can take a dip to burn off all that Christmas turkey. The kids can take the new bikes Santa brought them for a spin. Or you can simply enjoy a Christmas beer in the sun. 

Outdoor blinds Adelaide

The ultimate outdoor entertaining guide for Christmas

Create an outdoor room   

Hosting Christmas outside isn’t without its pitfalls. There’s bugs to keep out, heat to contend with and enough glare to blind your guests. Extend your home and entertaining space by converting your verandah into an outdoor room.  

Outdoor blinds, such as Zipscreen or Ziptrak, are specially designed for alfresco entertaining areas such as pergolas, verandahs and balconies. Each blind is custom-made to give you the perfect fit from edge to edge, with no gaps, guaranteed. 

If you’re looking for a different look, you can also choose aluminium plantation shutters. The unique blade rack and pinion system allows you to lock the shutter’s blades in any position so that you can keep the glare out of your visitors’ eyes throughout the day.  

Both these options allow you to create an enclosed outdoor entertaining area in your very own backyard. Now you have a second dining space perfect for hosting the whole family for Christmas lunch! 

And best of all, you can use your new space all year round – not just during the silly season. Whether it’s raining, windy or a sizzling hot day, you and your family can reap all the benefits of the outdoors without being exposed to the elements. 

Create useable ‘zones’ 

Creating spaces or ‘zones’ for certain activities is a great way to use your outdoor entertaining area more effectively. And when everything has its place, the day is less chaotic. So you can stress less and enjoy the Christmas shenanigans. 

Start by creating a designed play zone area for the kids to keep them entertained while the grown-ups get lunch sorted. Not only will this keep them outside and away from the TV, but parents can keep a close eye on their little ones. You can even set up a table where they can play board games or make Christmas crafts. 

Add more shade

If there’s one thing Australians know about Christmas, it’s that it’s hot. And this year will be no different, with a predicted weather forecast of 25 degrees. Remind your guests to slip, slop, slap and provide plenty of shady spots for them to cool down in. Don’t have any trees or a veranda to keep your friends and family out of the sun? Simply install a folding arm awning that provides more shade at the touch of a button. 

A folding arm awning is a retractable outdoor awning that can extend outwards – like your very own folding roof. It does this with the help of spring-loaded arms that not only make the blind move but also keep the fabric tight. Choose to motorise your awning with a 240-volt system or keep it simple with a manually operated option.

Pop-out some lawn games

Outdoor lawn games are a fun and proactive way to get your guests out of their seats and interacting with each other. They’re also great icebreakers for people who don’t know each other well and help shake off that sluggish after-Christmas lunch feeling. 

If you have a ping-pong table, bring it out on the grass and encourage everyone to have a hit. And you can never go wrong with the classics – such as Finska, Kubb, Boules or the tried and true backyard cricket. 

And if you don’t have any games handy, don’t panic. There are plenty of easy DIY options that can be organised on the day. Grab some chalk and draw a hopscotch game on the pavement. Or use random items to create a game of tic-tac-toe. 

Outdoor blinds Adelaide

Need help with your outdoor Christmas this season? We can help!

With over 60 years of experience, Bob Burns Blinds has the expertise, knowledge and creative flair to turn your outdoor entertaining space into a Christmas haven. 

We have an extensive range of custom-made outdoor blinds to suit all sizes and requirements. Our great range of exterior blinds and plantation shutters ensures Bob Burns Blinds can offer something for everyone. Organise your free measure and quote today!